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lollipop in lounge

For the more discerning cat owner and the style conscious we can now offer cat beds that will compliment your interior and create a design piece in your home. 

When we choose a bed or item of furniture for ourselves we choose it very carefully ensuring it matches the rest of the furniture in the room so why should it be any different with the beds we choose for our pets?

The Lollipop Cat Bed designed by Onur Ozkaya offers the purrrfect place for your pampered puss to drift off into slumber whether they prefer to be on the ground or, as many cats love, off the ground in their own raised house. 

The Lollipop Cat Bed would look equally at home in a trendy loft apartment, flat, period or contemporary style house.

I am sure you will agree though wherever it is situated The Lollipop will look incredibly pleasing to the eye.