Competition Time!!



Hunt The ZZZZZZZZZZZs Competition!!!!


Here's a great chance to get your hands on, or your cat or dog's paws on,  the Prima Dog Bumble Bee Pet Bed.

The Prima Dog beds are great as they are self cleaning due to Nanotechnology, plus they're a lot of fun.   The beds are suitable for cats and small dog breeds.  As you can see the Bumble Bee has its own cute sting and wings at the back so your pet can drift off to sleep in their own little secure bed and will definitely love their ZZZZZZZs in a buzzzzy bee!


bee back of bee


All you have to do is hunt through our site to try and find the cat relaxing in the Strawberry Bed as below to include the caption.   

cat in strawberry

We only need you to find 1, there's 5 dotted around the site to make it easier.

Remember, it's only the location on the site of the picture of the cat in the Strawberry Bed with the caption that qualifies.

Once you have found the ZZZZZZZs let us know exactly where they are in an e-mail to [email protected] or via our Contact Page, they could be anywhere on the site!!   Also make sure your full name is in the e-mail.  Please don't tell anyone else where the ZZZZZZZs are as that will make it unfair as, after all, you've had to do all the hard work of hunting for them!!!

The winner will be selected at random once we reach 700 likes on Facebook (this may be revised) so after you've sent your e-mail to us with the location of the ZZZZZZZs please like our page (if you haven't already) and share our statuses about the competition to your friends on Facebook so that we can reach our target as soon as possible.   We will e-mail the winner first then announce it on Facebook.   Please do like and share our page to spread the word about this  great competition.


When the winner is chosen the Bee will be sent out to the lucky person - FREE DELIVERY.

Persons from the EU are very welcome to enter, however, if you should be the winner we will have to charge part of the delivery cost.

So what are you waiting for.................. GET HUNTING THOSE ZZZZZZZs!!