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Nano Pet Beds

What is a Nano pet bed, and why is it so special?

Prima Dog Nano Pet Beds clean themselves! That’s right, they clean and deodorise themselves thanks to the use of state of the art technology from Japan. The luxurious fabric of the Nano Pet Bed is treated with Nano-Particles of Titanium Oxide coated with Apatite.

This gives the bed a self-cleaning ability when put under sunlight or regular indoor light. This in turn provides a cleaner, healthier and safer environment for our pets and keeps the bed smelling fresh, which is what we all want.

How does Nanotechnology work? 

Apatite-coated titanium dioxide cleans the bed through the absorption and oxidisation of bacteria, viruses, ammonia, nitrogen oxide, and other adverse substances. Apatite has excellent absorption ability, while the photocatalyst of the titanium dioxide becomes a strong oxidising agent powered under light (be it sun or indoor light).

This Nanotechnology is used in many applications across a range of products such as high end medical face masks, acne creams, sports shoes, coatings for windows the list goes on. It is a safe and harmless substance with amazing properties, so lends itself to household items of any kind but especially pet beds.

With pet beds you don't change the sheets every couple of days like you would your own. As you would expect the odour causing substances, bacteria and fungi will all build up over time. Washing a bed is far from easy, and this is the amazing advantage of the Nano Pet bed over a regular untreated bed. Your pets will sleep better, enjoy better health and be less prone to getting sick when using their Nano bed. The Prima Dog Nano Pet bed is the only one of its kind in the world and comes in a range of fun, fantastic and surreal designs suitable for every dog and cat and every house.

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