About Prima Dog Pet Beds

Prima Dog Nano Pet Beds

Prima Dog is a recognised brand originating from Thailand.  As well as grooming parlours and spas for pampered pooches Prima Dog have retail stores selling lots of unusual and beautifully designed items for dogs.  Amongst these are the Prima Dog Nano Pet Beds.  The brand prides itself on innovative designs and excellent standards of workmanship, creating items that are made to last and the likes of which you will have never seen before.

The beds are suitable for very small dog breeds Chihuahuas, Yorkies and of course cats.   Some designs are available in larger sizes too.

Unique and playful pet beds in a variety of designs and colours creating a cosy and safe sleeping area whilst injecting the novelty factor to your favourite friend's slumber.  Comfy and removable cushion also included.

Lightweight with a zip to enable the bed to collapse for easy transportation.

Inner spine that gives the bed structure and rigidity when assembled but soft and foldable when unzipped.

Completely animal and people safe.

Made using Nanotechnology from Japan.   The beds clean themselves due to the use of state of the art technology.   The luxurious fabric of the Nano pet bed is treated with Nano-Particles of Titanium Oxide coated with Apatite.   The Nano-Particles use light to oxidise and absorb bacteria, viruses, ammonia and other harmful substances to provide a clean and healthy environment for your pet which is so good for your pet's health.

To activate the cleaning process simply position the bed under a household light or sunlight and unzip to allow the light to get inside the bed.  If there is a dirty spot handwash the area using liquid soap and water then dry either under light or with a hairdryer.  The inner cushion is removable and machine washable.

I know that the Prima Dog Pet Bed would look great in any style of house or in any room in the house.  Your pet is part of your family, therefore, their bed is part of your furniture so a unique pet bed really enhances the interior of your home.  

If you like different, novel, colourful, quirky or just a comfy, clean and safe place for your pet to sleep then this is the pet bed for you.  My cat, Dexter, loves his Octopus bed as you can see on the Home Page and even when he is not in it the bed still looks funky, amusing and pleasing to the eye and is most definitely a talking point!   If you need to store the bed for any reason they are all fully collapsible and take up a minimal amount of space.

Oh and they are very popular with children too!

So whether you choose your pet's bed by colour,  favourite creature or fruit you are sure to have a unique addition to your home for your puddy or little pooch to sleep in.