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Introduction To Dexter!!!

Dexter is a rather handsome brown spotted Bengal cat with a wild look, not wild in a manic way but wild in that he closely resembles one of his relations who lives in the wild.  He also has a very mischievous streak running through him and loves to toy with his owners.  If it's naughty Dexter will do it, no matter how unusual.  It's not really 'naughty' though in the true sense of the word, more like mildly menacing!

Dexter does so many amusing things and instead of writing about his antics on Facebook his owner has decided to create a Blog to record each occurrence so that they can be shared with whoever wishes to read about this comical cat.

You will see 'the owner' mentioned throughout this Blog which is said very loosely as owner would indicate a certain amount of authority but as all cat people know the cat tends to be the boss so whenever you see 'the owner' please replace it in your head with 'a member of staff'!


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Who me?......Never



Candle Wax!

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An air freshener candle left to its own devices on a kitchen worktop can be a fairly innocuous object unless Dexter is around of course.  Animals aren't supposed to like fire are they?  

The owner entered the kitchen to a pleasant smell only to notice patches of white around the candle with  the realisation that this was wax and not soap from the washing up as initially thought.  A quick look on the floor revealed paw prints.......in wax!   Dexter was located and was his usual self except the evidence was there for all to see, clumps of wax on his face and chest and in between the pads on his paws!   

Now you could say he would learn from this and maybe leave the hot flame alone but if we backtrack several months poor Dexter's owner was met with a rather obnoxious smell in the house.  Yes a candle had been lit and again upon locating Dexter discovered that he had had rather an unfortunate encounter with a naked flame culminating in frazzled and singed whiskas the smell of which stayed in the house for rather a long time!

The owner has now learnt that an unattended candle and Dexter should be avoided at all cost.

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